Enter Exit Escape is all about escape room centers and games around Maryland. The site looks at all the best centers to visit and what you can expect.

Introduction to Escape Games and Centers

Escape games are played by families or groups of friends. At these centers, you will be challenged by a storyline in which you will need to escape the room or building that’s in the game. These storylines can involve anything from futuristic places to real-life scenarios. In these scenarios, you will need to solve puzzles and discover clues to escape a room.

Escape Game Centers in Maryland

In Maryland, many escape room centers can be found all throughout the city. These centers provide games with different storylines, so visiting all of them can be good entertainment for the family or any group. In the US alone there are now over 2 500 escape room centers available to the public to visit and test their escape skills with a bit of a twist.

Being a growing market for the last couple of years, be sure to visit frequently to stay in the know regarding new centers opening in Maryland in the future.

Booking Functions

Booking functions at these centers provide a great way for companies to practice team-building or for year-end functions. Also, booking a birthday party can get extremely fun and entertaining. Why not a surprise party at an escape room? So, from work functions, birthday parties or even bachelor parties be sure to book for anything in large groups.


With so many escape room centers around the city of Maryland, our reviews can help in choosing which center to visit and find all the contact details and links to online bookings. Since all the escape room centers offer different games with different storylines and difficulty levels, reading reviews will help you to enjoy your visit.