Most Unique Escape Games Available in Maryland

Most Unique Escape Games Available in Maryland

There are many thrilling escape games available to the public throughout Maryland. Some have famous movie themes, and some are just plain unique and suspenseful.

Alice In Wonderland

Available through Mission Escape in Gambrills Maryland, this is a great intermediate difficulty game for the whole family. The difficulty level on this game is 3/5 and you need to be at least 2 players to join the game.

With this game, you get 60 minutes to succeed. The theme of the game revolves around Alice. You are in another world with magical wonders and need to follow Alice in order to get back to the real world. All this without being noticed by the Queen of Hearts and her soldiers.

Legend of Sasquatch

Also available from Mission Escape, the Legend of Sasquatch can take you on a wild ride through Sasquatch National Forest. After a hike through this forest, you get lost and have been informed of some of the previous hikers that have gone missing. You then search for shelter and stumble into an abandoned cabin. In this cabin, things are not as you’d hope.

To make it through, you would need to go through clues left inside the cabin by someone who was looking for sasquatch and complete their search.

Submarine Survival

Available through Breakout Rooms, Submarine Survival will put players through a suspenseful 60 minutes to fight for survival. The story is set on the USS Odyssey submarine that is searching for a treasure that has been lost for centuries.

In this escape room, you will discover danger and mystery with a journey to the bottom of the ocean. Escape the ocean before running out of air.

Runaway Train

Also available through Breakout Rooms. Booked on a trip through the beautiful countryside on a train, you experience a journey that sets you through surviving a train with no breaks and getting it to stop. Relaxed on the train, you find out that radicals have taken control of the conductor’s cabin and planted explosives.

Stop the train before it crashes into the city central station.


To be the war hero in this game you will need to visit Clue:IQ in Maryland Fredricks. In the middle of WWII, you and your team are responsible for recovering a mysterious artifact from an underground bunker. Before you start, you will be briefed on mission details.

The time frame for this game is 60 minutes and is for beginners and intermediate players in groups of 8.

Catch all these great games in one city, Maryland.