Top 6 Escape Room Centers in Maryland

Top 6 Escape Room Centers in Maryland

With so many escape room centers around Maryland, look at 6 of the most popular centers to visit on your next escape room quest.

Breakout Games

Breakout Games are so popular that they have multiple locations throughout the city of Maryland, two of which are in the Timonium areas and in Columbia. Some of the themes and storyline types you can expect include Runaway Train, Mystery Mansion, and kidnapping scenarios. They also run online promotions of up to 10% off.

Escape Proving Ground

The best option for enthusiasts and lovers of dinosaurs as they have a terrifying Velociraptor Escape game. Other than that, they also offer some of the most unique escape games around. Some of these unique themes include D.I.C.E, the mystery of the holy grail, and sorcery high’s stolen gem. Located in Pasadena MD.

Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience

This is one of the best options for corporate events, as they offer team-building options for companies. Self-proclaimed as Maryland’s best escape room. Some of the types of games they offer that are unique to them include outdoor adventures and regular indoor escape rooms which are puzzle-based games. Located in Frederick, MD.


Escapomania offers rooms in different difficulty levels to match what the player is eager to try. These rooms are divided into difficulty levels that start from 5/10 and the highest being 10/10 (Mysterious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes). In total there are 6 escape rooms to choose from. Located in Ocean City, MD.

Baltimaze Escape Rooms

If looking for a mental challenge, then this is the right escape room center. It’s one of Baltimore’s best escape rooms and groups can take part in completing puzzles that are quite challenging. The storyline and theme are around a reclusive billionaire whose secrets need to be discovered, Victorian schematics, and finding missing people.

Located in Baltimore, MD

Mission: Escape

The 6 rooms available at Mission Escape include Alice in Wonderland, Wild West Saloon, and Museum Heist. A popular Hansel and Gretel-themed option is also available. All these games work in a maximum time frame of 50 Minutes to solve and figure out the puzzles. Located in Annapolis and Gambrills, MD.