Group Bookings for Escape Rooms

Group Bookings for Escape Rooms

Booking online for escape rooms is necessary to guarantee a spot for a certain date or game. Using escape centers for hosting corporate functions or even birthdays or other parties, is a great way to keep everyone entertained and build their spirit.

Throughout Maryland, there are many escape room centers that allow corporate events as well as hosting parties. Booking an escape room center for corporate or other reasons guarantees you that no further clients from the public would be using the games on that day.

Corporate Functions

Corporate functions include anything from year-end functions, special work functions, or even team-building days. Team building has become a very popular function in escape rooms. Workers can work as teams to solve mysteries and go through suspenseful scenarios together. Working together in these situations help teams to build understanding in each other as well as learning to solve problems together.

These events can be booked for either daytime or nighttime. Using escape rooms for corporate functions is becoming a lot more popular for companies. Rather than having dreary meetings on how to build team spirit and how to work together, why not have your teams in situations that seem serious, but aren’t harmful? This helps for team build-up and working together more efficiently.

Birthday Parties

Wondering what to do for your next birthday party or your best friend/family members’ birthday party has become a thing of the past.

One of the most exciting things about birthday escape room functions is the different themes that can be chosen to go with your party. Have a look around for the best theme.

You will have clues, puzzles, objectives maps, and riddles all around the rooms to keep everyone entertained for the duration of the party. Some of the escape room centers even help plan the party for you.

Surprise a loved one and book an escape room for a birthday. Build the best team by using escape room problem-solving.