What are Escape Room Games?

What are Escape Room Games?

Escape Games are great entertainment for families and groups of friends looking to play thrilling games together. In 2001, the term ‘’escape room’’ was used for the first time in gaming. In 2004, it became a separate genre altogether with the online Japanese game ‘’crimson room’’ being released as an escape room game.

There are no real facts regarding how escape games made their way from online sites to the real world. Amsterdam and Romania are said to be the founders according to some players. Gambling and casinos went the opposite way by starting out in real establishments and later on building up a large online presence.

These games can be seen as adventure games where players are interactive. Each person is a character like themselves in the game. The players need to solve riddles and use clues to escape the rooms or buildings. These games are also time sensitive as you only get a limited time. As with online gambling, the player also tries to beat the odds against winning or losing.

With online casinos also becoming extremely popular in recent years and becoming a trustworthy way to win prizes, it goes hand-in-hand with escape games. With so many varieties to the game, getting tired of it won’t easily happen. Playing different escape games, you can find anything from real-life quests where you might be involved in a detective story or a classic escape room scenario.

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